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Ye Olde Dream Shoppe

17 October
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I am the poetry of disorder
A dream deferred
Child of autumn tears
A silent song
24-7 prayer, acoustic music, alanis morrisette, anarchy, ani difranco, anti-bush, anti-war, architechture, art, arthouse movies, asia, audrey hepburn, b/w photography, badly drawn boy, baxter, belle and sebastian, black and white movies, books, c.s. lewis, cat power, cats, celestial seasonings, chan powell, christi-anarchy, christian, christina ricci, classical music, coffee, coffeehouses, coldplay, compassion, counting crows, creativity, daria, daydreaming, decaf coffee, depression, design, die deutsche sprache, doll collecting, donnie darko, drawing, durian, emergent church, enya, fae, fairies, faith, fantasy, fashion, feminism, feminist theology, film, filmmaking, fiona apple, foreign films, frou frou, garden state, garlic, god, good company, graphic design, herbal tea, howard zinn, idealism, incense, independent films, indian food, indie film, indie filmakers, indie rock, individuality, indonesian food, innovation, intelligent conversation, italian food, j.r.r. tolkien, jewel, journalism, kate rusby, languages, large vocabularies, lauryn hill, lillith fair, literature, lord of the rings, lost in translation, love, melancholy, moments of silence, movies, music, mythology, natalie merchant, nature, nickel creek, noam chomsky, ophelia, orson scott card, pedro the lion, people-watching, philosophy, photography, pieces of april, piercings, poetry, politics, post-modern christianity, prayer, radiohead, reading, religion, renaissance festivals, rings, riotgrrls, rock-climbing, sabbath, sarah mclachlan, scarlett johanson, shopping, smashing pumpkins, snowboarding, southern adventist university, spirituality, starbucks, student film, sylvia plath, talking, tattoos, tea, thai, thai food, the breakfast club, the matrix, third culture kids, thrift store hunting, tim burton, tolkien, trying to draw, vampires, vegetarian, vegetarianism, waking life, weezer, writing, writing in general, writing poetry, zach braff